Another shortcut name used for Kota Kinabalu is KK, which is famous and highly popular tourist destination for its good collection of resorts nearby Mount Kinabalu. Being located in the west of Sabah and in West Coast Division, the place is still known to be the largest city even if it seems to be small. You will be easily able to catch the glimpse of South China Sea.

A wide number of modes of transportation are available with which one can enjoy the tour of Kota Kinabalu. Some of the most common choices include buses, taxis and travelling by foot. In case you prefer to rent cars from car rental agencies, you can do it easily.

Requirements from Kota Kinabalu Car rental Service for Driving

In case you want to drive the hired car, there are some specific requirements from the side of Kota Kinabalu car rental service. In case you are visiting this place for the first time, then you may get surprised to find out the way of driving the imitates on the British way with wheel on right. While you are driving, it must be kept in due consideration to drive on the left.

While driving on the highway, a speed of maximum 100 km/hr. is permitted. With the help of a map, you will be able to navigate yourself all around the roads. The signs provided are at par with international standards. Some of the specific requirements by the car rental agencies to permit you to drive on their roads include:

  • The person concerned must be above 22 years old
  • The license you hold must be a valid and running one
  • You need to deposit some security and xerox copy of your passport

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Defense Driving – Dire Need of the Hour

In case you have taken the initiative to drive in KK, then it is advised not to drive in a rough manner. Instead, one must go for defense driving. After all, driving in KK is easy as traffic is not at all a major issue here. The roads are easy to navigate and there exists practically no risk of driving on potholes hence causing danger.

Precautions while Driving in Case of Downpour

In case of driving on a down pour, the Kota Kinabalu car rental service states clearly that special attention must be paid to driving. In case you are unfamiliar with such a type of situation, it is better to stop by the side and wait till the rain water passes. You may face some difficulty to see through the glasses in case of heavy rain.
With car rental service in KK, you can easily get on to some of the main roads of that place. You will also be able to gain knowledge about some of the major highways through which you will be able to plan your tour on your own.