Singapore is a place where you can easily come holidaying to. You can always book a flight from anywhere and reach this fantastic city to relax, chill out and rent a car from your daily monotonous life. And, once you reach Singapore, you will find that there are many things to do there. You will run out of days, but you will not run out of things to do.

Hence, as soon as we decided to head to the Asean region, our stop was undoubtedly Singapore. We knew the city was the gateway to the region and hence it become our automatic selection. Once we reached our destination, we understood that we had made the right decision. And, today, we are recommending you to do the same.

Singapore is all about glitz, glamour and diversification:

When you reach Singapore will you locate that the city is full of top brands, big shops, great restaurants and millions of places to visit. However, you will also be very surprised to see that the country is full of people from various ethnicity and culture. People from all over the world come to Singapore to enjoy its sights and scenes and many of them really admire what the city has to offer to everyone. If you ever walk on the streets of the city, you will see that people from different cultures selling various things from their own Diaspora. This is the reason why the country is so special and this is why many people visit the country.

Take the ferry ride to cool off yourself:

Another great thing about Singapore is that you can easily do inter-country travelling without any hassles. You can use the flights, the trains, the roadways, the rental cars, the buses, and also the ferries to cross over to countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

The ferry is one of the most famous ways to explore new countries when you are in Singapore. You can easily take ferries to visit areas like Bintan or even Batam and enjoy out couple of days there. The ferry rides itself are very cool to sit in and you can easily select a good destination as per your liking or convenience.

Travel like a king or a queen on the ferries:

As soon as you step into a Singapore ferry, you will see that the ship is very well built. You will also see that the ferries from Singapore have various classes and you can select one as per your budget. The ferries itself do not take much time to reach their destinations as soon as they leave Singapore. And, thankfully, they are quite comfortable to travel in. In fact, some ferries also have a ‘in ship’ restaurant in them so that you can stay filled anywhere and anytime.